What is a batting cage?

A batting cage is an enclosed area for players to practice the skill of batting. A batter stands at one end of the cage, with a pitching machine at the opposite end. The pitching machine pitches baseballs to the batter, who hits them.

How does your token system works?

Customers are required to buy tokens from the counter in order to play. One token is for per play; you will get 15 balls for batting lanes or 12 balls for pitcher lane for each play.

Is there a minimum age to play?

We do not have any restriction for age, but the minimum height requirement to play will be 1.2 meters.
Children are also advised to have guardian supervision for safety purposes.

Do I have to wear any specific attire or bring any equipment?

It is not necessary to wear any specific attire. However, wearing covered shoes will be preferred. You do not need to bring any equipment as they will be provided. Do note that we do not provide batting gloves, should you have any personal equipments such as bats or gloves, you may bring them too!

Do I have to make any bookings?

Bookings are not required, you may come as walk-ins. Do check out our our website or Facebook for any events prior to your visit to avoid any disappointment. 

Is it safe to play?

Our machines are from Japan and they have a high standard of consistencies. As long as you remain in the designated zone, you will be safe.

What are your payment terms?

We only accept CASH or NETS payment at the moment.