Things to do alone in Singapore: Solo activities to relieve stress, relax, and spend quality me-time by HoneyCombers

 Sometimes, all we need is some "me" time!

Sometimes, all we need is some "me" time!

From visiting a hip library in town and art jamming to hiking and swinging a baseball bat, here’s our list of activities in Singapore that you can do solo

In this fast-paced world we love in, sometimes, you just feel like putting a hold on your social interactions and doing things solo. Besides, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having more much-needed me-time! If you’re looking for activities that can get you away from the crowd, and still have loadsa’ fun while you’re at, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 activities in Singapore that’s perfect to do ‘by your lonesome’ – and we mean that in the most therapeutic way possible.

  Let out all the frustrations at Homerun Baseball

Let out all the frustrations at Homerun Baseball

Vent your emotions and swing your stress away

Had a bad day and you’d rather be left alone? You don’t have to keep it all in! Make your way down to the baseball batting cages of Homerun Baseball, and hit some home runs in spacious, air-conditioned comfort. The machines work on a conveyor belt system, which saves you the extra effort of running and picking up after them – less hassle!
Why you should do it alone: Unleash your inner beast without anyone judging you.

Homerun Baseball, 200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336, p. 6635 6315.


  Check out the hip library@orchard (Credit: katrina.alana via Flickr)

Check out the hip library@orchard (Credit: katrina.alana via Flickr)

Visit a library and catch up on all your reading

Get away from the bustling crowd of Singapore’s famous shopping district, and retreat to library@orchard to indulge in a good book. Tucked away in orchardgateway, not only does this public library offer some of the greatest literary treasures from around the world, its quirky and minimalistic interior design also makes it inviting and conducive for you to hide and read while the world passes you by.
Why you should do it alone: You’re getting to the best part… do not disturb!

library@orchard,#03-12 / #04-11 Orchard Gateway,277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858, p.6332 3255. 


  Attend a glamorous red carpet movie premiere at Capitol Theatre (Credit: Capitol Theatre)

Attend a glamorous red carpet movie premiere at Capitol Theatre (Credit: Capitol Theatre)

Catch a movie without waiting for others to ‘double confirm’

Ever wondered what it feels like to attend a glamorous red carpet movie premiere? Capitol Theatre will give you a glimpse of that, given that it’s the venue for premieres, first-run screenings and all other glitzy film events. Too much ritz? Then head to The Projector instead for a more alternative experience, as it frequently cult films and art-house classics.
Why you should do it alone: You’ll be able to enjoy the show better, without any distractions. And more popcorn for yourself!

Capitol Theatre, The Capitol, 17 Stamford Road, Singapore 178907, p. 6499 5599. The Projector, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199589.


  Gotham City, sorry – Parkview Square stands out with its opulent Art Deco facade amidst the city’s skyscrapers. (Credit: Meinhardt Group)

Gotham City, sorry – Parkview Square stands out with its opulent Art Deco facade amidst the city’s skyscrapers. (Credit: Meinhardt Group)

Take your time and improve your photography skills

If you’re unaware, the city is packed to the rafters with award-winning architectural wonders – and we don’t just mean the soaring skyscrapers of the CBD. From wonderfully bizarre Art Deco-style office buildings to futuristic mosques, perhaps it’s time to take some time off to admire the architectural wonders in Singapore through the lens.
Why you should do it alone: You don’t want any shadows (or impatient naggers) ruining the shot.


  Hike away, alone, at Dairy Farm Nature Park

Hike away, alone, at Dairy Farm Nature Park

Be one with nature, and no one else

When the going gets tough, get out of the urban gridlock and back into nature – and hiking is definitely one fun way to keep your sanity intact (with health perks along the way). Our recommended hiking trail? The Dairy Farm Nature Park’s Wallace Trail! At the end of the hike, there’s a quarry that has been converted into a wetland habitat with a viewing area that lets hikers admire some of Singapore’s freshwater flora and fauna.
Why you should do it alone: Conquer at your own pace!

Dairy Farm Nature Park, 100 Dairy Farm Rd, Singapore 679057.


  Imagine doing yoga at the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens – how calming, om! (Credit: Lee Seokhua via SBG Facebook)

Imagine doing yoga at the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens – how calming, om! (Credit: Lee Seokhua via SBG Facebook)

Obtain peace of mind with an Om-worthy escape

Surely you can go solo on this – grab your trusty mat, and detox mentally and physically with yoga at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The lush greenery and fresh air will calm you down in no time. Om Shiva Yoga also conducts classes outdoors if you need some professional guidance.
Why you should do it alone: No one wants to see the sweaty mess that you become after this workout.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569.
Om Shiva Yoga @ Horse City, 100 Turf Club Road, #01-02B, Singapore 287992, p. 9090 2257


  Get lost in your very own Art at Arteastiq (Credit: Arteastiq)

Get lost in your very own Art at Arteastiq (Credit: Arteastiq)

Create your very own masterpiece with no restrictions

Unleash your inner Picasso at Arteastiq; they provide you with everything you need for freestyle painting, including brushes, colours, and even tea. Spend hours mixing colours and creating a masterpiece that you’ll be proud to call your own.
Why you should do it alone: Art is subjective after all; express yourself without boundaries!

Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery, 333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867. Call  6235 8705 for reservations. Painting sessions are held at 11am-2pm, 2:30pm-5:30pm, 6pm-9pm.


  Rejuvenate by trying out therapy by floatation

Rejuvenate by trying out therapy by floatation

Float on and turn off your senses

Planning to recalibrate your health back on track? Perhaps it’s time to wade into the murky realm of natural healing practices. Our recommendation: therapy by floatation at Palm Ave Float Club. Free your mind of life’s stresses and your body of gravity with a relaxing aquatic escape. You’ll float effortlessly on Epsom salt water in your own private pod. Without any distractions – light, sound or gravity – your body will enter a deep, meditative state and your worries will melt away.
Why you should do it alone: Do you really want someone else with you in an enclosed pod, half-naked?

Palm Ave Float Club, 20 Waringin Park, Singapore 416333.


  How many shopping bags can you carry on your own?

How many shopping bags can you carry on your own?

Shop ’til you drop

No arguments here; they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing! Shopping is the best go-to activity when you need to cheer yourself up. Whether you’re getting yourself a new makeover with the latest sartorial must-haves, or treating yourself to the latest trendy gadgets, spending your hard earn bucks on something you’ve been dreaming of can be utterly rewarding and therapeutic. Head to Orchard Road for luxury buys, or Haji Lane for vintage threads and knick-knacks.
Why you should do it alone: No naysayers to stop you from getting what you want; but beware, risk of splurging can be high if you’re on your own!


  Hunt for your very own unique vinyls and record player

Hunt for your very own unique vinyls and record player

Up your hipster game by record hunting

Sure, everyone’s on Spotify (us included) and we all love rocking out to live music, but the old-school vinyl is far from obsolete. There’s something rather timeless (and seductive) about removing a glossy 12-inch from its sleeve, placing it on a player, gently dropping the needle onto the record, and taking in the warm, glorious sound bellowing from the speakers. Intrigued? Time to visit these record stores in Singapore for your analogue aural fix.
Why you should do it alone: It’s simple; you want to be the only one bagging your rare find, so you can have the bragging rights and be a true blue hipster amongst your friends!

Top 10 Corporate Bonding Activities In Singapore By Citi Nomads

Credits: Joel Conceicao 
Original Article : City Nomads

Corporate bonding, team building, team bonding – whatever you like to call it, having fun together (and egging each other on) always makes for a more closely knit company and thus, the ability to work seamlessly. From tree-swinging obstacles to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we’ve compiled our list of best corporate bonding activities you can do in Singapore.

Channel the Yankees at Homerun Baseball


Homerun Baseball is Singapore’s first ever indoor baseball arena, complete with a softball fast pitch lane at 80km/h, three baseball lanes at 80km/h, 90km/h and 110km/h, and one pitching lane. While not as popular as football or basketball in Singapore, baseball is still a game that has bags of fun, and would make a unique outing for the office team.

Homerun Baseball is located at 200 Pandan Gardens, 609336. Tel: +65 6635 6315

Play Sherlock Holmes at Singapore Escape Hunt

Immerse yourself in the world of mystery at one of Singapore’s most exciting escape game rooms. Like the best detective novels,  all puzzles are based on devious crime scenes, with participants needing the best of their wits, tactical acumen, and teamwork to complete the challenges.

Singapore Escape Hunt is located at 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, #02-43, 238840. Tel: +65 6100 0828

Swing like Tarzan at Forest Adventure

If you love sweating it out in the great outdoors or simply want a change of scenery, Forest Adventure is an ideal site for  team building sessions. Nestled in the greenery of Bedok Reservoir, this wacky obstacle course features rickety wooden ladders, zip-lines, and suspended wooden log trails that’ll push your entire team to their limits.

Forest Adventure is located at 825 Bedok Reservoir Rd, 479244. Tel: +65 8100 7420

Get your Nigella on at Palate Sensations

A market leader in organising corporate cooking classes, Palate Sensations is an excellent go-to when it comes to developing your inner-Gordon Ramsay or (insert you favourite celebrity chef name here). Don’t worry if you have no idea how to cook, their qualified chefs and state-of-the-art facilities will help you progress from newbie to master chef in no time.

Palate Sensations is located at Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, 138670 (Opposite Buona Vista MRT and MOE Building). Tel: +65 6478 9746

Paint like Picasso at My Art Space


Art jamming – where you can paint freely as an individual or collectively as a group – at My Art Space is one activity to consider. Besides obvious benefits such as stimulating creativity, art jamming also boosts critical cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills (vital elements in performing well at work)!

My Art Space is located at Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, 238888. Tel: +65 6222 1662

Explore the hidden gem of Bollywood Veggies


The lush environs of  Bollywood Veggies, one of Singapore’s best vegetable farms, presents a stark contrast to Singapore’s urban streets. The teeming biodiversity of flora and fauna is a real eye-opener, while you and your office mates can also check out the evolution of culinary history at the Bollywood Food Museum.

Bollywood Veggies is located at100 Neo Tiew Road, 719026.

Show off your Rambo skills at Red Dynasty Paintball Park

At Red Dynasty Paintball Park, you get to poke fun at your colleagues by pelting their behinds with a flurry of paint bullets. Jokes aside, paintball is all about growing as a team, working hand in hand to stop opposition forces, and prevailing together as one effective, machine-like unit.

Click here to view the various addresses.

Jam like Bob Marley at Team Music

If the love of music is one thing you guys have in common, Team Music might be the best option. No prior musical experience or knowledge is required, as their savvy instructors will inculcate the value of coordinating as a team. Best of all, you’ll get to learn how to play two songs in two hours! How about that for impressive?

Team Music is located at 18 Cross St, 048423. Tel: +65 9731 7467

Have Your Own Tour de France at Pulau Ubin

A popular destination with tourists and locals alike, Pulau Ubin is a great place to explore on a bicycle, and you don’t even have to be a cycling enthusiast to enjoy yourself. Just put the pedal to the metal, and let the wind rush through your hair as you zip past quaint kampongs and thick jungles.

Take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Fence like Gérard Thibault at Z Fencing

An ancient sport that originated in 15th century Spain, Fencing is a popular team building activity in Singapore, with Z Fencing an excellent place to equip yourself with all the necessary skills. As well as being an exceptional training tool to enhance your posture, footwork, and balance, this age-old sport also sharpens your mental state of mind – a perfect way to hone your business expertise.

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