Indoor Baseball and Softball Batting Cage

Anti-burglary weapon and occasional cake pin roller; it is time for the baseball bat to shine in its true glory, and you can do so without sweating it out under the hot, hot sun. Participate in this classic American sport that has since taken Japan, Korea and Taiwan by storm. Stand in a fully automated indoor batting cage and wait in eager anticipation as the automated batting system shoots ball after ball in your direction. Perfect your swings and work on your batting accuracy, and who knows, you might even hit a home run here!

Homerun Baseball hopes to generate better awareness of this less known sport in Singapore. Fuelled by a mission to become Singapore's leading and premier automated indoor baseball and softball batting cage location, Homerun Baseball prides itself on offering a healthier substitute to the young and old seeking a fun and alternative recreational activity other than for baseball and softball enthusiasts.

Even if picking up a new sport is not on your mind, both batting and pitching double up as a great way to de-stress while working out your arm strength. It is the perfect post-work stop after a long day in the office. Getting a good crack at a ball – right in the sweet spot of the bat – is mighty satisfying! Pick up the infectious joy of baseball and softball and spend hour after hour at this spacious indoor facility as this is one of the better ways to unwind while keeping healthy!


So how can playing baseball & softball benefit you?

Whether you are looking into some serious training session for baseball or softball or just looking out for a new workout that can swing off some calories, our batting cage is the place for you! The number of calories that you will burn depends on how vigorously you are swinging and your personal body composition.

Swinging a bat works the core, arms and shoulders while helping you shed calories for weight loss. A 150-pound adult can burn between 200 and 300 calories an hour hitting the ball. A 50-pound youth will burn about 100 calories an hour.

Besides, playing baseball and softball is a great way in relieving stress after a hectic long hour work.

So swing, batter batter, swing!


What facilities do we provide?

- 1 Softball Fastpitch Lane at 80km/h
- 3 Baseball Lanes at 80km/h, 90km/h and 110km/h
- 1 Pitching Lane